There Are Chemicals in Your Clothes!

Updated: Aug 19

From detergents, solvents, acids, and scouring compounds, to dyes, anti-wrinkle treatments, and biocides, we have effectively exported the dirty business of making our clothes to developing countries with few workplace or environmental protections

, mostly to save money. The evidence that these chemicals harm garment workers is abundantly clear — it’s been called a “global health crisis.” But if you think that the problem is all “over there,” it’s not. Because these brands are shipping many of these toxic chemicals right back over to us. You could call it clothing karma.

Toxic dyes used for clothing

Textile manufacturing is one of the most polluting aspects of the apparel industry.

Here are some of the problems they have created for the planet:

The fashion industry emits more carbon emissions than all international flights combined. An estimated 20% of industrial water pollution is attributed to textile manufacturing alone.

Textile dyeing is the #2 polluter of water globally. Over 8000 chemicals are used in the manufacturing of clothing. Some of the most commonly used dyes are known carcinogens.

Check out the latest article from our friends at Harper's Bazaar. This is a great resource to help identify problems in the industry, and get ideas on what we can do better at home, and in our businesses.

If you want to do something now, the best way is to share your knowledge about fast-fashion, and shop local resale shops like DAPPER INC.

Additionally, we can encourage companies to become leaders in environmental solutions and demand change. If you don't like what you are seeing or hearing about how these companies conduct business, go right ahead and boycott their products. There is no time to waste to save our planet. Every little bit helps.

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